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Plenary and Keynote Speakers

  • Professor Toyoki Kunitake
    University Professor, Kyushu University

  • Professor Gordon J. Tiddy
    Emeritus Professor, University of Manchester

  • Prof. Benjamin Boyd
    Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences,

  • Prof. Shih-Yuan Lu
    National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

  • Prof. Hirotaka Ihara
    Kumamoto University, Japan

  • Prof. Chen Binghui
    Xiamen University Malaysia

  • Prof. Jin-Woong Kim
    Hanyang University, S. Korea

  • Dr. Annela Seddon
    University of Bristol, UK

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ACCIS 2017 Conference has the objective to bring chemists, physicists, biologists and engineers to converge their expertise and ideas in the interdisciplinary field of colloidal and interface science. Participants will engage in discussions on themes covering fundamental and applied advances in the fields of interfaces, dispersed systems, complex fluids, by naturally occurring or synthesized elements: surfactants, polymers, proteins, particles.


Some suggested topics (but not limited to) include:

1.       Self-assemblies

o   The chemistry and physics of self-assembly

o   Structure at the interface with liquid, surfactants/lipids/peptides/proteins


2.       Colloidal dispersions and nanomaterials

o   Characterization of colloids

o   Nanomanipulation of colloids

o   Active colloids


3.       Interfaces, membranes, films, emulsions, and foams

o   Adsorption, adhesion, hydration phenomena, bubble, thin film, surface forces

o   Interfacial rheology, capillary, wetting phenomena

o   Electric surface phenomena, confined colloids near interfaces

o   Microdroplets and microfluidics

o   Characterization and modification of surfaces


4.       Polymer, polymer colloids and biocolloids, liquid crystals, gels and phase behaviors

o   Polymer-surfactant interaction, polymer at interface, microgel, supramolecular polymer

o   Synthetic and biological polymers and polyelectrolytes

o   Biomimetic and bioinspired materials

o   Biocompatibility and toxicity


5.       Health care issues and technological applications

o   Microemulsion and colloidal nanoparticle for biomedical imaging 

o   Structure and dynamics of nanocarrier and delivery systems

o   Food colloid and emulsion technology


6.       Controlled Drug Delivery and Translational research

       organized by the Malaysian Chapter Control Release Society (MyCRS)

o   Formulations for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care, household products

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