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High-impact journal writing and publishing

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Publishing is an important business for academics. People write with various motives- altruism, career advancement, job promotion, fulfilling a minimum requirement for annual performance and so forth.

Dissemination of research findings constitutes an essential part of the scientific research process, and writing in scientific journals becomes a means of communication of research findings.

Thus, for academics, the old adage “publish or perish” has never been truer.
This two-day workshop deals with journal publications from the editor’s perspective, while describing the nuts and the bolts of journal publications.

The course covers the importance of paper writing and publishing, the structure of a scientific paper, ways in which to prepare a research paper, conceptualizing the processes of paper submission and peer-review, dealing with paper revision and rejection, and publication ethics.

The overall aims of the workshop include to assist academic staff, researchers and postgraduate students to develop scientific writing skills with the purpose of publishing papers in high-impact journals.
The workshop boosts participants’ self-confidence to initiate and sustain quality scientific writing in journal publication.

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