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High Performance Computing (HPC) & Grid Awareness Day 2012

“It’s often said that “information is power,” the suggestion being that the more information you have access to, the greater the influence you can have — whether in business, in society, in politics or elsewhere. But in the digital age, as the sheer volume of information being generated has started to overtake many organizations’ ability to extract value from it, the information-power equation seems too simplistic. Now, real power flows from an ability to deal effectively with vast amounts of information.” 

HPC support virtual prototyping and large scale data modeling ---- HPC plays a key role in designing and improving many industrial products- including automobiles, airplanes, pharmaceutical drugs, microprocessors, implantable medical devices, finding & extracting Oil & Gas, manufacturing consumer product, modeling complex financial scenarios and investment instrument, complex planning , creating animated films , climate & weather forecasting. 

Pusat Teknologi Maklumat (PTM) & Centre of Research for Computational Sciences and Informatics in Biology, Bioindustry, Environment, Agriculture and Healthcare (CRYSTAL) would like to invite UM RESEARCHERS from all discipline to the following event

EVENT     : High Performance Computing (HPC) & Grid Awareness Day 2012
DATE        : 11 July 2012
VENUE     : Auditorium Alam Bina, Fakulti Alam Bina Universiti Malaya.
TITLE        : Enabling Research and Teaching via Leading-Edge High-Performance Computing.

Who Should Attend This Event?
•    existing user for HPC/ grid
•    reseachers who use computational research method.
•    new user to HPC/ grid and anyone intersted in an overview of HPC/ grid.

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