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17 - 19 August 2009
The Legend Hotel
Kuala Lumpur
Organised By:
University of Malaya, Malaysia 
The Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO
‘Education for All’ has been much emphasized as we move towards the era of globalisation. It is an international commitment first launched in Jomtian, Thailand in 1990 and re-affirmed in Dakar, Senegal in April 2000 in order to bring the benefits of education to “every citizen in every society”.
In view of the above, education would be tailor-made, adapted to the needs, culture and circumstances of learners. With these needs in mind, the role of education for today would entail a greater role in ensuring the nurturing of knowledge among future generations. These tremendous changes of the role of education includes how accessible education would be in reaching out to the vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, how appropriate education would be in meeting the quality development of mankind and how sustainable education would be in promoting the progress of the society.
There can be no doubt that with the advancement of information and technologies, new techniques and pedagogical tools in education have been emerging, revised and modified to meet the current needs. Nevertheless, many professionals and individuals are denied access to such changes in practice. This is so, especially in the rural areas, where the limitations of the infrastructure directly inhibit the education attainment of the students, thus, hindering them from performing to the best of their ability.
In addition to that, the evidence and supports from educational research, will greatly enhance the mission of education for all which will help to facilitate further development in line with the National Philosophy of Education and the National Education Blueprint. 
As education is meant for all, regardless of ethnicity, gender and locality, this international conference is timely to expose most educators, including professionals, students and interested individuals on the importance and role of education in ensuring maximum development of younger generations throughout the world.

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