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Proceedings of the ICoLIS 2014

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Keynote Presentations

Pre and Post Conference Workshops

  1. Scholarly Communications: The Digital Transition, Open Access, Social Media and Trustworthiness by Prof. Dave Nicholas, CIBER Research Ltd. See Details.
  2. Possible solutions to challenges for public librarians in the 21st century by Prof. Anne Morris, Centre for Information Management, Loughborough University. See Details

The Department of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Malaya and the University of Malaya Library are pleased to announce the hosting of the 5th International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society. The conference will be held at The Boulevard Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, between the 4th – 5th November 2014.

ICOLIS 2014 Conference Brochure (PDF, 900KB)


  • To provide opportunities for sharing and discussion of the current status, trends, research, directions, issues and challenges on the role of libraries in developing a learning society
  • To explore ways and reality-based scenarios in developing new models in library services
  • To examine issues related to consolidating technology, information resources, knowledge and skills into strategic competencies in order to strengthen the role of libraries and information in servicing the community
  • To foster cooperation and collaboration among stakeholders, challenge, debate, learn and optimize the contribution of scholarly research, innovative programs and strategies in libraries

The Theme - Library: our Story, our Time, our Future

Every library has a story. The stories are unique and powerful. They are shaped by past experiences and driven by current challenges, and they prepare us for our future.

ICOLIS recognizes the multiple voices within the global community that embrace innovative, customized library services for all. Our time requires addressing and providing diversity of user needs. Library that we have been waiting for!

The Story The Time The Future

  • The story is about how libraries find a voice that reflects good practice and celebrates successful stories, with a goal of sharing knowledge and affirming the self-esteem of the librarianship profession
  • The story is about giving librarians and information professionals a space to tell their own story, rather than having others tell it
  • The story is about building the future of information services with input from all library practitioners, who are the experts

  • The time emphasizes that "library that we have been waiting for"-that the current generation of users can truly initiate the information revolution
  • The time underscores that the new information paradigm and access to all accumulated knowledge provides users with unique and unprecedented opportunities to make lifelong learning a reality
  • The time reminds us of the need to rekindle our passion in providing information services as the answer to uncertainty and fast-paced change
  • The time seeks to raise awareness that providing access point to information is an integral and continuous process, not restricted to the academic dimension but for lifelong learning

  • The future is about envisioning a better services, breaking through our current constraints to build the library of the future, one that is customized to the needs of every user
  • The future is about bold and innovative ideas, about providing a forum to think of the future of librarianship as a first step to making it happen
  • The future is about understanding and evaluating the influence of technological developments and the role of librarian in harnessing these unstoppable changes for their ethical and meaningful use
  • The future is about reassessing our services to emphasize digital literacy skill, creativity, and other skills that are increasingly important today and in future contexts
  • The future is about giving users opportunities to share their voices in order to improve library services in shaping of our future
  • The future is about globalization and the need to live with and learn from each other
  • The future is about us: users who are engaged, resilient, and able to find relevance through rigorous and meaningful information
  • The future is anchored by the tenets of the "Information without borders".
The story is your story The time is your time The future is your future



The following sub-themes will run through the conference, but are not limited to:-

  • Library between tradition, self-conception and public perception
    Libraries in modern society, library inclusion and exclusion, user perception
  • Library in the age of digital media
    Digital libraries, open access repositories, social media, digital humanities
  • Library in the service of society
    Information literacy, personalized service and user modelling
  • Library in the service of scientific information and communication
    Bibliometrics, scientometrics, webometrics, community networks for scientific data
  • Library in the service of practical librarianship
    Library administration and management, collection development, marketing library services, measuring service value and impact, protecting and preserving librarianship
  • Library in teaching, studying and profession
    LIS education, professional code of ethics, professional body

ICOLIS2014 is jointly organized by

The Dept. of Library and Information Science
Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology
University of Malaya
The University of Malaya Library
The University of Malaya Library

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