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6th International Conference on Libraries, Information and Society (ICOLIS2016)

The theme is
Romanticizing the Library: Creating What Users Need and Want

We sincerely invite submissions on idea, practice and research in the context of the global interest in making libraries attractive, glorious and enriching life, taken in a broad sense.

The relationship between libraries and people has evolved over time. Technology is decreasing people's appreciation of a library. Taking steps to strengthen and reinforce the role of librarians and information professionals, can revitalize their relationships with users and help create a library that users need and want. What we need is an innovative relationship between libraries and the people who use them, and the key to that relationship is the librarians and information professional - the people who are engaged in the pursuit and sharing of knowledge; the people who develop and deliver library and information services. This relationship holds the key to creating a library that users want - a library that anticipates needs rather than just responding to them, a library that is communal as well as social, a library that has envoys and enthusiasts and cultivates loyalty. Librarians need to make the library special for them.

Hari Bersama Pelanggan (A Day With Our Clients)

The following sub-themes will run through the conference, but are not limited to:-

  • Library between tradition, self-conception and public perception - Libraries in modern society, library inclusion and exclusion, user perception;
  • Library in the age of digital media - Digital libraries, open access repositories, social media, digital humanities; Big data and data science;
  • Library in the service of society - Information literacy; personalized service and user modelling; Embedded librarianship;
  • Library in the service of scientific information and communication - Bibliometrics, scientometrics, webometrics, community networks for scientific data; Research management;
  • Library in the service of practical librarianship - Library administration and management, collection development, marketing library services, measuring service value and impact, protecting and preserving librarianship;
  • Library in teaching, studying and profession - LIS education, professional code of ethics, professional body; Quality assurance; accreditation of LIS programmes; MOCC and LIS education; Future librarians and future skills.

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