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 Professor Shiv Pillai (Harvard Medical School)

Professor Pillai is one of the authors for the best-selling immunology text book “Cellular and Molecular Immunology” he coauthored with Abul K. Abbas and Andrew H. Lichtman. His research focuses on investigating questions including: 1) Can we manipulate the immune system to treat cancer and to increase immunological memory? 2) Can we understand how genetics and the environment affect lymphoid clones to drive common diseases? and 3) Can this latter information be used to better understand and develop new therapies for chronic inflammatory human diseases such as arthritis, lupus and IgG4-related disease? The main discoveries in his lab include Btk inhibitors that are effective in B cell malignancies and in trials of autoimmunity and a novel way to strengthen immune responses and enhance helper T cell memory that provides hope for developing more effective personalized immune-system based treatments for cancer.

Professor Liew Foo Yew (University of Glasgow)

Professor ‘Eddy’ Liew’s research in immunology has revealed new regulatory pathways in the body’s defences against infection. This has clarified how the body strikes a balance between destroying infectious agents and avoiding damage to its own tissues, and opened the way to new and more effective therapies for conditions including rheumatoid arthritis and sepsis. During his career, Professor Liew has made important breakthroughs, including the discovery of T cell heterogeneity, which led to a greater understanding and treatments of the disease Leishmaniasis, and pinpointing the role that Nitric Oxide plays in regulating the body’s immune system.

Since arriving in Glasgow in 1991, Professor Liew has transformed the Scottish immunological scene and, under his leadership, Glasgow has grown into one of the leading international centres of Immunology. In 2012 Liew was elected as a FRS due to his pioneering work in the field of immunology and inflammatory diseases in a career spanning four decades.

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