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Materials Characterization 2017

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  Details of Characterization Services

There are total of two characterizations services offered for participants:


1. COXEM Benchtop SEM EM30AX+ (Tabletop SEM)

2. Technospex μRaman System (uRaman)




Terms and Conditions:

- Each slot is 30 minutes. Participants are only allowed to run a maximum of one sample in each slot.

- For the charges of the characterization services, please check at the payment details section in this website.

- Slot availability can be checked here.

- All bookings are on first-come, first-served basis. All bookings are made through email to


- Please email us your desired service and time slot for booking. Your desired time slot will be booked up to one week from the date of our booking confirmation to you.

- Your characterization service time slot will only be confirmed after the payment has been made. Failure to make payment within one week from our booking confirmation date will result to your slot being opened for others to book.


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