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  About MAPITA ICT Conference


About MAPITA-ICT Conference


Public Universities ICT Conference  is a bi-annual event that is inspired and realized by the Public University ICT Directors Council (known as MAPITA or Majlis Pengarah-Pengarah ICT IPTA).  MAPITA’s membership is comprised of ICT Directors from all 20 public universities in Malaysia. The council convenes four times a year.

Rapid growth in ICT technologies has brought about opportunities as well challenges therefore increasing the demands for highly knowledgeable, skilled and innovative human capital.  Realizing this, Public Universities ICT Conference  has thus been decided as one of the means to nurture and maintain the demanded attributes. 

It serves as a platform for sharing of knowledge and expertise, diverse practices and implementations, and proliferation of ideas amongst ICT professionals in the education sector, particularly the public and private universities. This  event may lead to new opportunities such as joint venture in initiatives like product development, and sharing of products hence increasing efficiency in ICT management in the universities. Industry’s participation will expose participants to the in-trend, cutting-edge and applicable technologies, providing knowledge that will assist the ICT professionals to improve ICT implementations and operations on campus.   The networking among them  will lead to better understanding  and exchange of ideas extending beyond the event.

This first Public Universities ICT Conference, organized by Center for Information Technology, University of Malaya, will set a precedent for more such events in the future. It is expected that this conference will increase the knowledge and open the minds of the participants which in turn contributes towards the development of ICT facilities at the campuses.



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