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Humans naturally like changes. To achieves this goal, they needs to tadabbur of Allah sentences containing instructions from Allah. Through this tadabbur the meaning of Allah sentences can be disclosed and used to develope the changes towards excellence in life. In Facts, all Muslims must have further strides, to explore the secrets and take and advantage from the lessons contain in the al-Quran. This is importants because al-Quran is containing the guidance to understandings and solving the problems that we faced in life.  Besides, al-Quran also containing important ideas to correct all of the weakness and mistakes to achieve progress and developing the civilizations. The ideas or principles is so important to embraced and executed by Muslims.


  • Based on this importance, Department of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith, Academy of Islamic Studies, University of Malaya take an initiatives to held an International Conference with the title “TADABBUR AL-QURAN: INNOVATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT”. Hopefully it can provide new output an accurate understanding the meaning of the al-Quran and significant needs of Muslims living in developing of civilization and progress.

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