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Postgraduate Conference on Economics, Public Administration and Business


(PCEPAB 2015)


September 4: Workshop

September 5: Conference


Faculty of Economics and Administration,

University of Malaya

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


PCEPAB 2015 is the first conference of its kind that aims to provide a strategic platform for postgraduate students to enhance their research core competency. Over the past 10 years, the research field has been on the verge of innovation starting from the emergence of advanced research methodologies to top-notch publication requirements. This change has imposed a dilemma for many students looking for a way to survive in this excellent scholarly environment. Therefore, it is essential to develop a strong collaboration and network among postgraduates. Universities around the globe also recognise that in spite of the superior experience of academic staff in research activities, postgraduate students, as the major research body of any university, have very high motivation to create the research networks.


With the theme ‘Promoting Growth, Excellence and Sustainability’, PCEPAB 2015 aspires to:

  1. provide a research environment for postgraduate students to disseminate their ideas with others and to create “research networks”.
  2. enhance and encourage the “research culture” among the postgraduate students.
  3. provide opportunity for postgraduate students in Malaysia and overseas to exchange their knowledge in research.
  4. provide a platform for new students to cultivate research abilities and to carry out research work more effectively.
  5. increase the confidence level of postgraduate students. 


This gathering of research minds is expected to drive research towards a more sophisticated arena whereby strategic networking will be the key in solving thriving research problems.

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