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 20 – 22 July 2009
Auditorium, Faculty of Education
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur
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  “Special Education for Energetic Development

    (SEED) project

       Faculty of Education, University of Malaya
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Special education for children with special needs has been debated widely. In line with that, effort has been invested to help these children to achieve level of functioning similar to those of the normal children. The project of Special Education with Energetic Development (SEED) intends to give energy and aspiration to special children through the development of various teaching and learning resources in line with special education curriculum. Hence, this project focuses on the issue of “How to provide energy and aspiration to children with special needs?”
         The SEED project emphasises on a balanced physical and mental development in helping children with special needs to be independent in life. The more in-depth exposure to the environment will help to develop the mind thus enhances the mastery of reading, writing and mathematical skills. Among other primary components in this project include the exploration of multiple intelligences among these children, ppropriateness of teaching and learning strategies and materials, self-learning and the formation of healthy culture in school by the mainstream students. The culture of accepting and appreciating children with special needs in society will help to stimulate positive self-development among these kids. Hence, the SEED project not only brings forth the integration of environment with basic learning skills, it also helps to build up self-confidence among the special children so that they succeed progressively in life.

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