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This workshop provides practical training on how to use SPSS and provides an opportunity for people who have not used SPSS before to get comfortable with the program. You’ll learn how to enter data into SPSS and discover how to obtain descriptive statistics such as means, frequency counts and percentages. After the workshop, you will understand the essentials of SPSS: data entry and basic descriptive analyses.

This workshop is for you if you are involved in analyzing data within your organization. If you are involved in quantitative consumer research, you will benefit by learning new quantitative data analysis skills. If you are involved in qualitative research, you will expand your skills portfolio to include quantitative techniques. This workshop will also be valuable for consultants involved in assignments that produce quantitative data (e.g. usability tests, surveys and focus groups).

After attending this course, you will be able to:

1. Understand how the SPSS program works.

2. Input data into SPSS and save it.

3. Select the appropriate data entry method for the type of data you have.

4. Select the appropriate descriptive analysis technique for the type of data you have and the questions you are trying to answer.

5. Perform the analyses using SPSS.

6. Interpret the data output.

7. Present the results to clients in an accessible fashion.

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