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As a premier university in the country, University of Malaya has for years demonstrated its excellent scientific competence. The research outputs of the university continue to be harnessed for the benefit of the nation and have explicitly enriched the society. Knowledge is of no use unless shared. It is with this in mind that the UM will be organising the University of Malaya Research Carnival 2015 (UMRC 2015) under the leadership of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation).

This year, UMRC 2015 aims to bring together the collective knowledge, researches and expertise we have across disciplines in UM in showcasing multi, integrated and action-oriented solutions that can be implemented on the ground and shared with all relevant stakeholders. UM has established a strong record of fundamental research over the years. This has enabled UM to move forward in the ‘Research Spiral’ path which often involves the complex evolving relationships beyond pure-and-applied research. UMRC 2015 will showcase three interactive elements;


  • Implementation of action plans (outputs and on-going research),
  • Updating of knowledge (sharing and re-evaluation of research progress) and
  • The creation of networks (opportunities for learning actors to engage in sustainable knowledge exchange).

UMRC 2015 aims to provide a platform for networking and linkages for researchers, community and the industry. Since many of the solutions to the current global problems requires an integrated approach, UMRC 2015 seeks to stimulate multidisciplinary interactions among researchers and stakeholders. A myriad of activities are planned which include presentation of research outputs, forums on University-Government-industry Partnership, sharing of good practices of the excellent researchers and other exciting activities. UMRC 2015 promises excitement and fun of research which will provide lively interactions between the researchers and the public. We cordially invite all of you to join the UMRC 2015 to network and learn from the best. 




1. To showcase UM research outputs and activities

2. To provide a platform for networking and linkages for researchers and community

3. To stimulate interactions among researchers from different disciplines.



Enriching Lives & Shaping the Future: Addressing Present and Future Needs through Value-Add Research



Research Management & Innovation Complex

University of Malaya

50603 Kuala Lumpur



8 - 10 October 2015

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