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Writing for journal publications B

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Completing journal and research papers requires immense knowledge and skill; powerful titles, powerful frameworks, signposting, foregrounding dimensions of research, arguing for objectives, valid methodologies, secure and reliable findings, and coherent and powerful conclusions.

The workshop will address aspects crucial to successful submission of journals/theses. A majority of papers submitted STILL find rejection. This Writing for Journal Publications workshop B is unique and powerful, and aims to get you published!

Academics needing to publish in high-ranking journals? Graduate students needing to publish?
PhD candidates needing to publish for degrees/parchments?
This workshop is for you

In Session A (June 7), you came and received instruction. With these skills you now return for Session B (August 16), with your paper/thesis already submitted to us, and revised BY US!, for our expert advice and complete guidance. We guide you to publish! A RARE Opportunity. After the workshop, you take your revised/refined writing away, to complete, or as a finished product for submission.

Thus you, as participant,

A: Will submit your work (journal paper, chapter, thesis) for consultation, Prior to Session B
B: Will submit your work to the email:, Prior to Session B
C: Will come to Session B (16th of August)
D: Will see your (and others’) work revised, stronger, at much higher quality, more ready for publication

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