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  Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for oral presentation:

  • Oral presentation cannot exceed 10 minutes (including 3 minutes for Q&A).
  • Please be advised that presentation exceeding the limits will be cut off by the moderator in the interest of time.
  • Presentations must be in Microsoft PowerPoint only.
  • Please save your presentation on a USB Flash Drive.
  • During registration, please identify that you are an oral presenter, and you will be directed to a separate laptop to upload your presentation and have a test run to make sure it works.
  • You can find the time and venue of your respective oral presentation session in our Full Programme

Guidelines for poster presentation:

  • The maximum dimension for the poster is portrait (650 mm width x 950 mm height). Poster larger than the specified size will NOT be allowed to be displayed during poster presentation.
  • Poster material must be prepared in advance and text should be large enough to be read from a distance of 1 meter (Font size minimum: 18pt).
  • Each poster must clearly indicate at the top: the title of the project, the names of the authors and their affiliations. The size of the characters for the title should be at least 25 mm high.
  • Presenting author’s name should be underlined.
  • The poster should provide enough information to convey the key points clearly. The poster content should be logically sequenced and visually attractive.
  • You are encouraged to use visuals to convey your content. Keep illustrative material simple. Charts, drawings and illustrations preferably with bolder and heavier figures. Simple use of color for emphasis and not decorative purposes.
  • Do not mail poster presentations in advance as they may not arrive in time. You are advised to bring them with you to the conference.
  • Please note that there will be no audio-visual equipment in the poster area.
  • All means of mounting posters to poster panels will be provided.

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