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  About the Conference

The Faculty of Languages and Linguistics and the Humanities and

Ethics Research Cluster are pleased to host the

3rd International Conference

Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP 2013):

Collaborating across Disciplinary and Professional Boundaries

which will take place from 12 till 14 December 2013 in

Eastin Hotel, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.        

The University of Malaya is hosting the third international conference on Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice. The 2013 ALAPP conference aims to provide a site for engagement between scholars and researchers working on language and those working in professional areas including business, education, healthcare, law, management, the media and social care. The intention is to enable people on either side to find ways of working together, and of using their expertise in collaborative ventures. Interdisciplinary papers that represent this kind of collaborative work which focuses on how knowledge is jointly created rather than how knowledge is exchanged are particularly welcome.  It is this creation of shared knowledge among different researchers and professionals working together that has the potential to enrich our disciplines and ideally lead to changed practice.

The conference provides a way forward for academics working on language from different disciplinary perspectives, and brings academic research out of the university and into the community, the world of business and the world of professional practice. It is hoped that the cross-disciplinary dialogue will create a platform for applied linguists, professionals and professional educators to jointly problematize workplace and organisational issues, protocols, cultures, practices and procedures to make sense of the discursive practices of the professional world and ultimately achieve effective communication amongst practitioners in the context of specific professional fields.

The conference organizers welcome a variety of proposals for paper presentations (not more than 300 words) on any topic linking academic research and professional practice with language and communication issues.

Presentations may relate to the following major strands within the theme of the conference:

 ·       Globalization, work and language learning

·         Language and social demands in professional contexts

·         Language, activity and development

·         Skills and competence development through language and communication

·         Language, communication and workplace learning

·         Linguistic aspects of professional expertise

·         Transition from school education to work

·         Communities of practice and identity construction

·         Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at work and in professional education

·         Risk and Crisis  Communication

·         Language and reflexivity at work and professional education

 ·        Multimodality and multiliteracies in professional practice and language learning

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