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Asia Leadership Summit 2015

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Welcome to the 'Asia Leadership Summit' 2015

The centrality of education in the pursuit of better economic and social prosperity  is now well established. The dominance of human capital theory, which provides a strong argument for better education as a key factor in fuelling economic growth, has encouraged policy makers, around the globe, to focus on education reform as a key priority.

The second Asia Leadership Summit 2015 focuses on the issue of leading globally. Its central purpose is to take a comparative perspective on education reform, around the world, and to explore ways in which leadership is transforming education in different sectors and contexts.

The 2nd Asia Leadership Summit organised by the ‘Institute of Educational Leadership’, University of Malaya, in conjunction with MARA, is aimed at developing knowledge and scholarship about educational leadership, locally and globally. This 2nd Asia Leadership Summit focuses on the theme of ‘Leading Futures; Global Perspectives on Educational Leadership’ and is intended to encourage debate and discussion on a number of critical issues and themes.

The keynote address by Professor Chris Husbands, Director of the Institute of Education at University College London will consider the future of higher education in a rapidly changing sector. The inaugural professorial lecture by Adjunct Professor Datuk Dr. Ibrahim Haji Ahmad; Director General of MARA will look at the challenges of leading to foster entrepreneurialism and innovation.

Leading FuturesThe new book recently published by SAGE ‘Leading Futures; Global Perspectives on Educational Leadership’ edited by Professor Dr Alma Harris, Director of the Institute of Educational Leadership and Dr Michelle Jones, Deputy Director of the Institute for Educational Leadership, will be launched at the Asia Leadership Summit 2015.

This book brings together internationally acclaimed academics to debate, discuss and deliberate key ideas including: leadership and technology; future leadership; leadership and learning; and leading organisational change and transformation.

There will be an opportunity to participate in studio spaces facilitated by Professor Alma Harris and Dr Michelle Jones where some of these ideas can be explored in more depth.

We warmly welcome you to the second Asia Leadership Summit 2015 and hope you will participate by submitting an abstract and joining in this important debate on ‘Leading Futures’.



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