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                      The International Conference on Social Innovation 2016 (ICSI 2016) aims at creating a platform to share information, knowledge and experiences in the field of social innovation. Social innovation is often used interchangeably with social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship may emphasize on profitability but social innovation transcends sectors, levels of analysis, and methods to discover the processes – the strategies, tactics, and theories of change – that produce lasting impact (Phills, Deiglmeler & Miller, 2008).


                    In general, social innovation refers to concepts, ideas and strategies that are used to create social improvement through innovative approaches. These innovative approaches directly address various social needs, issues and challenges faced by communities in such a way that they bring revolutionary and lasting impact. Social innovation brings about changes in the institutional and systemic level. Social innovation is a new way of improving the welfare of individuals and communities and its ultimate goal is not only to create economic value but also to produce tangible benefits and social change. Through social innovations, community members can develop a culture of resourcefulness through creative ideas to generate products of high utility (or durability to show long-lasting value) and competitiveness in line with the needs of the community to promote sustainable livelihoods.

                   In this conference, we will explore theories of social innovations, as well as exchange real experiences and endeavors among innovators of social change (both individuals and groups), to firstly, raise awareness and secondly, to intensify discussions within academic circles and all stakeholders - individuals, institutions and communities, to promote in a collaborative way the agenda of sustainable development goals - to alleviate poverty and improve quality of livelihoods in the midst of the social challenges in this age of globalization. Social innovation will only be realized as a result of joint efforts, the pooling of talents and a shared vision based on a sustainable and people-oriented future.


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