1. Bring your power point presentation to the conference on a USB media storage device.

         2. Conference organizers will load all presentations on conference computers. Presenters will NOT be allowed to use 

             their own laptop computers. Apple computers will NOT be available.

         3. All presenters will be given the opportunity to check their presentations on-site, before their presentation time. You are

             encouraged to review your presentation at least 24 hours before your scheduled presentation, especially if it has        

             any special or technically complex elements.

         4. Remember your presentation is limited to 7 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions. You will not be able to extend

             your time if you have technical problems during your talk.





        The poster should measure a maximum of 23.4 inches wide by 33.1 inches tall (A1 size). You are requested to bring

        the hardcopy of the poster with you on the day of the conference. The poster presentation will be held on 11th April   




        The poster must include the following:

         1. Title

         2. Names of author(s) and affiliated organization(s)

         3. Background/Introduction

         4. Objectives

           5. Materials and Methods

         6. Results (tables, graphs, charts)

         7. Conclusions

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