Fundamental of Plasma and Material Processes

Plasma-surface Interactions in Material Processing

Plasma Chemistry at Surfaces and Interfaces

Plasma-enhanced and Plasma-based Material Processing Technology

Modeling and Simulation


Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

Atmospheric Plasma Sources and Technology

Bio and Agriculture Applications of Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas

Plasma Medicine

Functional Surface Treatment and Coatings 

Environmental applications of atmospheric pressure plasmas


Low Pressure Plasma, Thin Films and Coating

Low Pressure Plasma Sources and Processes

Tribological Thin Films and Coatings

Functional Surface Treatment and Coatings for Digital Electronics

Functional Surface Treatment and Coatings for Polymers and Fabrics

Basic processes in dusty plasmas

Waves and turbulence in laboratory low-pressure plasmas


Basic Plasmas & Space & Astrophysical Plasmas

Solar, Space and Astrophysical Plasmas

Laboratory Astrophysics

Theoretical Plasma Physics

Plasma Kinetics and Modeling

Basic Processes in Dusty Plasmas

Waves and Turbulence in Plasmas


Plasma at High Energy Density

Plasma Fusion and Magnetic Confinement

Plasma and Electromagnetic Pinches, Plasma focus

Plasma Diagnostics

Plasma Sources, Radiation and Particle Beams

Laser and laser produced plasma