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1. Articles should not exceed the maximum of 10,000 words (including footnotes); articles shorter than this are favored. Articles should be accompanied by an abstract of 150-250 words.

2. Footnotes should be numbered sequentially from 1 to 99 and should appear at the foot of each page.

3. Final responsibility for the accuracy of all citations and quotations rests with the contributors.

4. Quotations of more than 30 words should be indented without quotation marks. Shorter quotations within the text should be enclosed by double inverted commas.

5. The title page should contain the following:
• Title of article
• Author
• Qualifications
• Contact details
• Abstract

6. The headings in an article should be formatted as follows:

I HEADING LEVEL ONE (i.e upper-case Roman numeral not italicised; heading in large capitals)
A Heading Level Two (i.e upper-case letter not italicised; heading italicized)

7. The typesetting format for the whole article is as follows:
a) Main text
• Font size 12, Times New Roman
• Double-spaced, justified margins

b) Footnotes and Endnotes

• Articles – author, title of article, journal, year, volume, page numbers

Adrian Lee,, “Penalty or Liquidated Damages – A Question of Enforceability”, Journal of Comparative Studies, 1988, Vol. 5, pp.

• Books – author, title, edition, publisher, year, page numbers

H.P. Lee, Constitutional Conflicts in Contemporary Malaysia, 2nd ed., Oxford University Press, Kuala Lumpur, 1995, pp 115-116.
• Internet resources – author, title, url, date accessed.

Rupert Cornwall, 30th July 2013, “Middle East Peace ‘Possible in 9 Months’ Claims John Kerry – but Formidable Obstacles Remain” The
but-formidable-obstacles-remain-8738625.html. Site accessed on 31.7.2013.
• Cases – case name, year, Vol. Journal or Law Report, page.

Howe v Smith [1884] 27 CLJ 89, 101.
• Legislation/Statutes – section, Act, Country, Act No (if applicable)

Section 23, Housing Development Act 2007 (Malaysia), Act 345.

• Subsequent footnote of the same source:
1. Howe v Smith [1884] 27 CLJ 89, 101.
2. Ibid

• Full citation for endnotes must be included at the end of article.

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