Background of the Conference

The idea of organising ICE 2018 is related to the importance of the education sector in producing a highly skilled workforce for the future.  A well-structured education system is key in enabling a government to achieve its aspirations of having a resilient nation, encouraging the creation of a just society, maintaining sustainable economic growth, developing global competitiveness, building a K-economy and innovative culture, strengthening human resource development and maintaining sustainable environmental development.

Malaysia aims to be a centre of excellence for knowledge and innovation as well as to gain an international presence. As such, the Malaysian Education system plays an important role in shaping a bright future through producing an innovative and creative generation of citizens. Hence, the conference is organized with the theme of ’The Changing Landscape of Education: Issue and Challenges' aimed at providing opportunities for educators, researchers, academicians and postgraduate students to share their latest research findings and views on various aspects of Education to improve students' knowledge and skills for the 21st century.