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  18 & 19 April 2019  
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  1 March 2019  
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  28 February 2019  


Library between tradition, self-conception and public perception



Baby Massage in Indonesia: A Case Study of the Knowledge Acquisition, Transfer and Preservation / Eka Ni'matussholikhah and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim  


Ethno Medicine and Medicinal Plants Research of Bali Aga Ethnic in Bali Province as an Indegenous Knowledge Preservation Effort / Sri Lestari and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Partnership of University Museums and Academic Libraries for Improvement of Islamic Studies Access Quality / Pungki Purnomo 


Preservation of Indigeneous Konwledge Activities : A Case Study on Jamu Gendong Kiringan Village, Yogyakarta, Indonesia / Nihayati and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim

5. Tacit Knowledge Preservation : case Study Param as a Traditional Medicine in Indonesia / Fajar Syuman Permana & Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Is it enough to build? Users awareness and Utilization of AEA-IRC Learning Commons / Mary Ann D. Estudillo, Mary Ann J. Salvador, Ludivina A. Cambay & Arlene R. Manzo
7. User Satisfaction Survey: A Case Study of Library users of Saint Louis Universities Libraries, Baguio City, Philippines / Leonila C.Reyes

Library in Teaching and Studying Profession



Role of The Academic Library in the Overall Accreditation Process: A Case from University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates / Nadia Masoud 


What made us to the World’s Top 50 Universities for Library & Information Management? / Abrizah Abdullah

Library in the Age of Digital



Factors that Influence Information Seeking Practices via Social Media : A Study of Women Entrepreneurs / Nurul Afiqah, M.E.S.


Towards an Ontology Model for Malay Manuscript / Zahila Mohd Nor


Empirical Evidence of the Practice of Institutional Repository in Nigeria / Usman Ahmed Adam


Implementation of the LiveChat Service: A case study at the University Of Malaya Library / Norida Abu Bakar, Ilina Syazwani Musa, Annur Thahirah Abdul Hadi, Mahbob Yusof and Mohd Farid Wan Mohd Zin


Islamic finance taxonomy development: the INCEIF KMC’s experience / Noreen Natasha Azmee, Nur Azlina Zorollah, Mohd Lutfi Mohd Khairuddin & Mohd Hanif Abdul Malek


Data Sharing: Knotty Among Scholars in Nigeria / Khalid Ayuba Abdullahi & Noorhidawati Abdullah

16. Relational Analysis of the Usability Features of the Usability Features of the University Library Websites / Tella Adeyinka

Library in the Service of Practical Librarianship



“Library 4 You Program”: shaping and revitalizing relationships between patron and library / Suzila Mohamad Kasim, Rusniah Sayuti, Azana Abd Hadi, Aznizultina Md Nazar & Samsul Farid Samsudin


Best Practices On User Driven Services: Experience Of Dar Al-Hikmah Library’s Maintenance Of Legal Resources / Irni Izwah & Yusrina Abu Bakar


Conforming Collections: Compliance of Medical and Allied Health Collection to Doody’s Core Titles / Efren M. Torres Jr., Raquel P. Samar, Marlon G. Gado & Zipporah M. Dery


Indonesian Librarian’s Enthusiasm and its Role in the Collection of Manuscript Development / Indria Sari Susanti and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Role of Tacit Knowledge in Library Material Organization: Case Study on Librarians at Library Material Organization Division of National Library of Indonesia / Adhitya Pradana and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


The Green Library Initiative at Universiti Putra Malaysia / Muzaffar Shah Kassim, Azizah Zainal Abidin, Azwana Ab Rahman, Mohd Dasuki Sahak & Tengku Nor Fazwani Engku Mud


Towards an informed library decision making using Evidence Based Librarianship (EBL) Practice: the introduction of User Needs and Preferences evidence. / A'dillah Mustafa & Noorhidawati Abdullah


User satisfaction with information searching and library services among medical professional in Malaysia / Nurul Azurah Mohd Roni, Hasliza Ali, Wan Emilin Wan Mat Ali, Engku Razifh Engku Chik & Siti Azrin Abdul Hamid

Library in the Service of Scientific Information and Communication



Disciplinary Differences in Publication and Citation Advantage of Open Access Journals in Scopus / Mohammadamin Erfanmanesh


Gender divergence in two Indian LIS Research: A Bibliometric study / Vinay R S, Belegere Thippeswamy Sampath Kumar and Mallinath Kumbar


Longevity of URL citations Cited in LIS journal articles: A Webometric Study / Manjunatha G., Sampath Kumar B.T. & Lakshmana H.


Publication Productivitiy and Web Visibility of South Indian LIS Faculty Members: An Analysis / S.U Shiva Kumara, B.T. Sampath Kumar, M. Vijayakumar & M.T. Basavaraja

Library in the Service of Society



Bataviaasch Genootschap Collection as Institutional Memories of National Museum of Indonesia / Ilma Avitrianti and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Betawi Collection in DKI Jakarta Provincial Public Library for Indigenous Knowledge Preservation / Weni Meilita and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Indonesia Calling, Preserving Indonesia’s Collective Memory Through a Documentary Film / Muhammad Idris Marbawi and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Information Literacy Competence in Connection with Religiosity to Maintain Social Cohesion among Santri of  Ali Maksum Islamic Boarding School, Krapyak Yogyakarta – Indonesia / Nurdin, Djazim rohmadi, Anis Masruri & Arina Faila Saufa


Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge in the Production of Natural Batik Colours in Sidoarjo, Indonesia / Fidan Safira and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge of Pencak Silat in Indonesia / Dwi Sari Rachmawati and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge Transfer in Oral Tradition of Seloko Adat Jambi / Rts.Tiara Hilda Safitri and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Preserving Knowledge of Reading Ambassador for the Sustainability Enhancement of Reading Habit in Indonesia / Endy Santoso and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Preserving Library Binding Knowledge in National Library of Indonesia / Imam Supangat and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Preserving Local Wisdom for Disaster Risk Reduction in West Sumatera: the Role of Library in Managing Indigenous Knowledge  / Desli Yenita and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


Tasyakuran Laut/sadran, the Preservation and Transfer of Indigeneous Knowledge in the Fishermen Communitry in Bluru Kidul Village / Syah Irza Raya and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim 


The Transfer of Indigeneous Knowledge on the Pecinan Traditional House Among Generations in Indonesia / Christinia Minarso and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim


The Use of School Libraries in Selected Secondary Schools in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria / Akanbi, Mohammed Lawal, Bashorun Musediq Tunji & Olayinka, Abdullahi Rasaq


The Way of Preserving Ondel Ondel Betawi : A Cultural Icon that Becomes a Street Icon / Delia Kusuma & Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim

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