SESSION 8 : Library in the Service of Society



Bataviaasch Genootschap Collection as Institutional Memories of National   Museum of Indonesia

Ilma Avitrianti & Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim     |Slide Presentatio


Preserving Local Wisdom for Disaster Risk Reduction in West Sumatera: The   Role of   Library in Managing Indigenous Knowledge

Desli Yenita & Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim     |Slide Presentation 


Preservation of Indigenous Knowledge Transfer in Oral Tradition of Seloko Adat   Jambi

Rts. Tiara Hilda Safitri &Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim     |Slide Presentation 


Information Literacy Competence in Connection with Religiosity to Maintain   Social   Cohesion among Santri of Ali Maksum Islamic Boarding School, Krapyak   Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Nurdin Laugu, Djazim Rohmadi, Anis Masruri & Arina Faila Saufa     |Slide Presentation 






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