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  7th International Conference on Southeast Asia (ICONSEA 2017)


Profesor Ulung Datuk Dr. Shamsul Amri Baharudin
Professor Dr. Barbara Watson Andaya
Professor Dr. Leonard Andaya
Southeast Asia is one of the most beautiful regions with different geographical landscapes and inhabited by diversities of people with unique culture. The world recognizes Southeast Asia as Asian cultural mosaic which consequently accelerates the branding this region as a fast growing in many aspects. Southeast Asia is then branded as a center for politics, economy and cultural development with the emergence of some spectacular urban centers, stimulated by recent massive economic growth and different level of socio-economic development. Regardless all differences, these eleven countries share a similar concept of development especially human resources as a key to developing the whole nation to enter the knowledge-based economy and global environment. It shows that, Southeast Asia like many companies in branding their products to create a unique image, identity, and name of a product or service in the consumers' minds with the main purpose to establish an important and unique presence of the product or service in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers. Doyle (1992) suggests that ‘a successful brand is a name, symbol, design, or some combination, which identifies the "product" of a particular organization as having a sustainable differential advantage. With that notion, Southeast Asia is moving fast forward the situation in which all nations operate in a global market environment and make this region as one of the best regions for investment. It gave huge benefits to Southeast Asia and branded Southeast Asia as a unique region in many aspects and on the other hand let Southeast Asia facing the challenges of this globalized and borderless world.

The convergent impacts of globalization, the increasing importance of knowledge as the principal driver of growth, revolution of the ICT, and also competitive education have become unprecedented challenges that a must-faced by Southeast Asian region. Education is a paramount significant and strategic for developing the human resources in main force of every country’s development especially in terms of economic development. Over the last half century, the growth economies of partly of the mainland and insular Southeast Asia particular in the country of – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam – have transformed themselves into middle-income countries. At one side point of view, it brings prosperity to Southeast Asia, and on the other hand, this bred new challenges, novel problems, and new tensions, including the fact that particular individuals, sectors, and regions have been marginalized by these processes. This phenomenon like a products of the companies, time to time facing challenges from the other brand. The reality shows us that the quality of products or services cannot ensure companies success anymore. Due to this situation, a lot of companies which wanted to gain high profits in the market as if in the national or international markets, have to consider branding efforts as a necessity and not as an option. As the brand then becoming on the top of the market, time and market demands changes may lead to the decline of brand's images and force the company to make some rebranding on the existing brand to sustain their demands in the market. In facing many major challenges, Southeast Asian nations must double their productivity to see continued economic growth to make each country in the region become stronger and unite as one big community. This will make Southeast Asia stable in many aspects especially socio-economy, socio-cultural and socio-politics.

Therefore, the Southeast Asian region as discussed should take into consideration of rebranding this region, especially during this most challenging era.

With the current development in contemporary Southeast Asia, it brings to the attention of many academics, scholars, researchers, etc. to discuss many issues pertaining to rebranding Southeast Asia through development paths, re-frames Asia’s model(s) of growth and draws out the social, environmental, political and economic side-effects that have arisen from growth. An interesting analysis of the problems that come alongside development’s achievements. All these issues will be discussed at the 2017 International Conference on Southeast Asia or ICONSEA2017 and will benefit many parties include Southeast Asian Studies. 

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