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  How to get to the Cultural Centre

 How to get to the Cultural Centre


The Cultural Centre is in the middle of the main UM Campus, right next/behind The Old Chancellery building.  


Ask you driver to bring you to the Dewan Tunku Canselor (see map).  Once there, you will see the Cultural Centre right in front of you.  We will also have a large banner indicating the ICPVA.


LRT and Bus:

The station for UM Campus is Universiti station.  When you get out of the station, take the bus 789 (Not 788, which also goes to campus).   The #789 bus is the first one you will see when you get down the stairs from the RT station.   If you do not see the #789, wait a few minutes, it leaves the station every 10-15minutes.  This bus does a loop around central campus and will leave you right next to the Dewan Tunku Canselor.   Follow the map.  It is also possible to take a taxi at the Universiti LRT station.  You can usually find taxi near the station.  The ride will take 3-5min.


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