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Digital technology is the branch of scientific or engineering knowledge that deals with the creation and practical use of digital or computerised devices, methods, systems, etc. Digital technology has been used in teaching and learning to facilitate learning experience. Even though the overall impact of ICT on teaching and learning in higher education in the last three decades has been slow, but there is a trend towards incorporating more digital technologies in teaching and learning activities.

Digital technologies in clinical dentistry are moving very fast. To date, there are many applications available to improve diagnosis, treatment planning and even production of dental products that were proven to be cost-effective. Therefore, it is important to bring people together from higher education and industry to share their experiences and prepare for the future.     



Breaking through challenges to move towards digitisation in dentistry


Pioneering digital solutions for education and clinical dentistry

Target group:

Academician, clinicians, dental students, technicians, researchers, industries

Areas to be covered by ICDSECD 2019:

1. Application of digital technologies in clinical dentistry
2. Application of digital technologies in higher education
3. Effectiveness of digital technologies in teaching and learning; and provision of dental treatments

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