IELC 2018 is in respond to an important and challenging time to be a school leader. School leaders are expected to have great motivational and communication skills; be innovators, risk takers, and strategic thinkers; and at the same time be fiscally responsible. Leaders are being held more accountable for student achievement and school performance and need to inspire their staff and their school community to do the same.

Equally important is the need to train current and potential leaders in the practices that “emphasize the leader’s responsibility for creating the conditions where others can be successful” and this includes being successful advocates. Advocacy is important at all levels. If leaders don’t understand the importance of advocacy, we cannot be successful. A strong leader is one who is committed, emboldened, and empowered to transform achievement and performance.

This conference is focused on issues linked to Instructional Leadership and Women in Leadership. The goal is to deliberate how high aspirations demanded by governments, parents, students and other stakeholders has led to a call for strong leadership in education that is able to bring significant improvement in learning and teaching.