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                               International Conference on High Energy Physics

                                                    Theory to Experiment


                                                 27 February - 01 March 2017

The observation of elementary particles and their interactions has been described successfully by the Standard Model (SM). However, there are several pieces of experimental evidence for physics that is not described by the SM. Upon the Higgs-like scalar boson successful discovery of the SM in 2012, the emphasis of the LHC physics program has shifted to searching for exotic new physics Beyond the Standard Model.

In this coming year, the LHC is scheduled to deliver the data at higher multiplicity at center-of-mass energy 13 TeV which is the highest energy, at the greatest rate, ever produced. This opens up many opportunities for the groundbreaking discoveries of Beyond the Standard Model physics at the Tera-scale.

As extraction of fundamental parameters often is very indirect, progress in high energy physics always relied on close cooperation between experiment and theory. This cooperation must be further intensified to extract the full physics information from existing and future data.

This IHEP-T2E program aims in particular to prepare for this task by joining experimentalists and theorists in the various relevant fields, with the goal to build the necessary tools in face of the challenge of new large data sets.

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