In a modern and secular world, Muslims encounter many challenges in each part of their lives. Some of these challenges have accumulated over past decades and others are collateral consequences of the transformations experienced by the world at the current juncture.  From the advancement of technology, economic and political matters to social and developmental crises at all levels, it is witnessed that Muslims around the world have chosen to tackle the challenges by combining well-coordinated and harmonious efforts, and solidarity to overcome this difficult challenges.  One of the efforts taken is employing human development framework and concept, specifically from Islamic perspective.   The basic goal of Islamic human development is to create an environment that enables people to enjoy religious, spiritual, moral and socio-economic well-being, and success in the Hereafter.  Concurrent with this goal, the Department of Da'wah and Human Development through its international seminar IS-HUD would like to celebrate this idea, and with great pleasure we invites everyone to participate and join us in this meaningful event.


  • To enhance human development framework as a significant approach for the growth of ummah.
  • To emphasize the importance of human development and its relationships with diverse groups of people in the society.
  • development issues. To generate new research findings and academic papers that put forward the discussions of human
  • To reinforce an intellectual forum that brings together leading scholars, researchers and practitioners from diverse areas in academic fields.