The International Learning Improvement and Teaching Enhancement Conference (LITEC) 2019 offers platform for educators, researchers and scholars to share intriguing research findings, best practices and innovative ideas in teaching and learning (T&L).

The general theme for 2019 LEARNING SPACE, including physical classrooms as well as technology-enhanced and virtual learning spaces.

Whether you are a T&L expert, or a novice educator, LITEC 2019 offers an enlightening and inspiring platform for exchange.

Do you have innovative ideas for education?

Do you have tried-and-tested strategies for improving student learning or enhancing faculty teaching?

Do you have T&L or Learning Space research findings to share?

Do you utilize learning spaces in creative ways to inspire and engage students?

If you answered YES to any of the question above, come share with us your experiences and observations

If you answered NO, come join us and learn from inspiring and transformational educators how to effectively inspire meaningful learning!





  • Academicians of Public & Private Universities, Colleges and Polytechnics (local and international)
  • Teachers in schools from early-childhood to highest level in schools
  • UM-LiTeRians of 2016/2017, 2017/2018, and 2018/2019
  • Post-Graduate Students 
  • Developer of Learning Spaces in the institution
  • Individual interested in sharing and enhancing teaching and learning, developing and improving learning space and just about anyone who wants to gain input from various experts invited to this conference.
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