Dear participants,

To submit an abstract, you should sign up as a presenter, not a participant. If you have not done this, please change your role in your online registration or re-register as a presenter.

For abstract template, please click here.

Deadline for submission of abstract: 7 August 2019

Abstract Guideline:

Please write your 300 words summary of the STEM project you practised here.

Please address as many of the following sections as possible in your abstract, as relevant. 

1. Description of your method in the STEM project.

2. What is the context or background of the project?  

3. Why are they important to STEM education? 

4. Please write any advantages of your STEM project towards education and community.  

5. Please write any challenges or issues you encountered when conducting the project. Also, please share how you overcame the challenges or issues.


Key words

Please provide 3 – 5 keywords related to your method. 


Acknowledgement (if any)

Please write Acknowledgement, if any.


References (Use APA format)

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