Process Safety in Process Plant Engineering Project


Background: Major incidents in both the upstream and downstream industries have highlighted the importance of having robust processes and systems in place. Process safety is a disciplined framework for managing the integrity of operating systems and processes that handle hazardous substances. It relies on good design principles, engineering and operating and maintenance practices. It deals with the prevention and control of events that have the potential to release hazardous materials and energy.

The terms ‘process safety’ and ‘asset integrity’ are both used throughout the petroleum industry, often synonymously. For the oil and gas industry the emphasis of process safety and asset integrity is to prevent unplanned releases which could result in a major incident that causing serious injury to personnel, destroying asset and polluting the environment.. A major incident is typically initiated by a hazardous release; it may also result from a structural failure or loss of stability that escalates to become a major incident. Process safety is initiated from the conceptual, through detail engineering, construction, operations till decommissioning.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Define process safety and topics under process safety in design.
  • Understanding the role of process safety in plant engineering.
  • Get the overview of the important of 3Ps; People, Process and Plant to include technology and products in process safety.
  • What is Risk based Process safety and their main pillars and elements.
  • Overview the principles of safe design.
  • Overview the main elements and components of Process Safety Management.


Date: 29 October 2019 (Tuesday)

Time: 9.00 AM - 1.00 PM.

Venue: Block V, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya.

Fee: RM 250 for local participants and USD75 for international participants. 


Course Leader:                                                                           


Ir. Elias Musa is a practicing professional engineer with more than 30 years of experience in plant engineering and project management, which include offshore and offshore oil and gas production and processing facilities (GPP,LNG, LPG, Terminal  Storage product Farm et). Besides engineering, he has substantial experience in construction and operations trouble shooting of operating plants. He has worked with engineering consultants as well as facility operators. He has a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Malaya, Masters in Environmental Science from Murdoch University, post graduate business diploma from Aston University and an MBA from National University of Malaysia