Risk Based Inspection


Background: Risk based inspection is the process of developing a scheme of inspection based on knowledge of the risk of failure rather than total inspection on a fixed schedule interval . The essential process is a risk analysis. This is the combination of an assessment of the likelihood (probability) of failure due to flaws damage, deterioration or degradation with an assessment of the consequences of such failure. Risk based inspection may be applied in any industry sector, but there has been most interest from the power and petrochemical sectors. Industry sees RBI as a way to obtain economic benefits from extended run lengths and as means of using inspection resources more effectively from the use of automated NDT or non-invasive inspection schemes. Regulatory pressure will ensure that the process of RBI is carried out rigorously so that inspection decisions are based on adequate information and expertise..


Learning Outcomes:

  • Overview of API 580 and the scope covers in RBI.
  • Basic steps in in conducting RBI project.
  • What is the benefit from this program?
  • Types of information required.
  • General damage mechanism and assessment of probability of failures, consequences and risk.


Date: 29 October 2019 (Tuesday)

Time: 2.00 - 5.00 PM.

Venue: Pending confirmation.

Fee: RM 300 for local participants and USD75 for international participants. 


Course Leader:                                                                           


Ir. Elias Musa is a practicing professional engineer with more than 30 years of experience in plant engineering and project management, which include offshore and offshore oil and gas production and processing facilities (GPP,LNG, LPG, Terminal  Storage product Farm et). Besides engineering, he has substantial experience in construction and operations trouble shooting of operating plants. He has worked with engineering consultants as well as facility operators. He has a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Malaya, Masters in Environmental Science from Murdoch University, post graduate business diploma from Aston University and an MBA from National University of Malaysia