The 26th Regional Symposium on Chemical Engineering (RSCE 2019) will be held from 29th October – 1st November 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The symposium is hosted by Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya. The theme of the symposium is Role of Chemical Engineering in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

This symposium is an ideal platform for researchers and practitioners to foster amiable and fruitful networking, showcase recent developments and advancements, promote key ASEAN issues and influence global trends for a better future.



Latest RSCE2019@Kuala Lumpur Updates!


Thank you to everyone who attended the RSCE2019@Kuala Lumpur Conference!

An interesting mix of plenary speakers, oral and poster presentations.

Fostering fruitful and lasting friendship and networking.

Our full appreciation to all our speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees for your participation.


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Oral Presenter Awards:



  • Process Development Of Saxagliptin Intermediate – Production of 2S-cis-4,5-Methanoprolineamide At The Kilo-scale
  • A. Ya Lin, Tnay, and B. Eiji Nishimura
  • Sanyo chemical laboratories

1st Runner-Up : CRE 13

  • Characterization And Catalytic Activity Of γ-Al2O3-ITB On Methanol Dehydration
  • A Ardy, J Rizkiana, M L Gunawan, and H Susanto
  • Institut teknologi bandung

2nd Runner-Up : CRE 18

  • Kinetic Study Of Simultaneous Ethanol Decomposition And Reduction Of Low-Grade Iron Ore At Transient Temperature
  • A Kurniawan, K Abe, M Sanada, T Nomura, and T Akiyama
  • Hokkaido University Japan

3rd Runner-Up: PCM 22

  • Parametric And Optimization Studies On The Production Of Nanoscale Biochar-NPK Fertilizer Using Sugarcane Bagasse-Derived Biochar As Carrier
  • Paulo C. Chiam, Monet Concepcion-Maguyon Detras, Veronica P. Migo, and Catalino G. Alfafara
  • University of the philippines los banos


  • Optimization of Small-Scale Natural Gas Liquefaction using Nitrogen Expander with Precooled Cycle
  • M A Henryawan and W W Purwanto
  • Universitas indonesia


Poster Presenter Awards :



  • Transport Properties Of Evaporative Cooling In A Seashell Packed Bed Cooling Tower
  • Amalina Syahirah Amir Kusin, Siti Aishah Afifah Zahari, Mohd Irfan Hatim, Mahfuz Afif Mohd Ruslan, Mohd Nabil Adzim, Razif Omar, Mohd Sani Jamailudin, Ahmad Radi Wan Yaakub, and Syazwani Mahmad Puzi
  • University Malaysia Perlis

1st Runner-Up : SPE 29

  • Assessment Of Patterned Membrane In A Tilted Panel Filtration System For Fouling Control In Activated Sludge Filtration
  • Wan Nur Aisyah Wan Osman, MR Bilad, and Shafirah Samsuri
  • Universiti Teknologi Petronas

2nd Runner-Up : PCM 39

  • Electrospray Flow Rate Influenced The Size Of Functionalized Soot Nanoparticles
  • Nur Atiqah Surib and M P Khairunnisa
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

3rd Runner-Up : SPE 9

  • Extraction Of Quinoline From A Mixture Of N-Heptane By Deep Eutectic Solvent
  • A F Kamarudin, M A Hashim, H F Hizaddin, and M K Hadj-Kali
  • University Of Malaya


  • Safety Culture Level Among Workers In The Selected Manufacturing Plant
  • Junaidah Zakaria, Che Rosmani Che Hassan, Mahar Diana Hamid, Ezrin Hani Sukadarin, and Zakaria Razak
  • University Of Malaya


  • COD Treatment Of Printing Ink Wastewater By Column Adsorption Using Activated Carbon
  • Ayu Haslija Abu Bakar and Veni Elvira
  • UCSI



BEM CPD hours earned by participants from RSCE2019@Kuala Lumpur Conference


The 26th Regional Symposium on Chemical Engineering (RSCE2019@Kuala Lumpur)


 21 CPD  

Pre-Conference Workshops:

COSMO-RS as a computational prediction tool for thermodynamic behaviour of fluid mixture in separation processes


Process Optimization for Multiple Objectives: Principles, Applications and Programs


Chemical Engineering Education 4.0: The Best Practices


Process Safety in Process Plant Engineering Project


Estimation of Physical Properties using EXCEL-UNISIM





Journal Alert!

Special Issue for Modelling and Process Control of Fuel Cell Systems

(Link to journal website)


Book Alert!

Selected papers  related to waste processing will be published in new Springer's book.

ADVANCES IN WASTE PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY edited by Associate Professor Dr. Abu Zahrim Yaser.


Latests Publication Updates!

Publishers from the following journals are providing complimentary publications (no additional cost) for selected papers recommended by RSCE2019 Conference Publications Committee

  • Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical Product and Process Modeling

  • ASEAN Journal of Chemical Engineering.

All accepted papers will be published IOP Conference Proceedings - Scopus Indexed.

Selected papers may be published in the following ISI/Scopus journals. Click each image to visit the respective journal website:





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