Silica-Based Membranes with Tuned Molecular-Net-Sieving:

Application to gas and liquid phase separation for Sustainable Development Goals



Professor Toshinori Tsuru


Professor Toshinori Tsuru received his Ph.D. degree in 1991 after he graduated from The University of Tokyo in 1983. He moved to Hiroshima University in 1995, and promoted to a full professor in 2006.

He has been working on membrane science and technology for more than 30 years. His research experience started with nanofiltration in terms of membrane preparation and the transport mechanism of electrolytes through charged porous membranes. After moving to Hiroshima University, his interest has expanded to inorganic membranes, including preparation, characterization, transport mechanism, and the applications to various fields.

He has authored/co-authored over 300 publications including peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. He was president of The Membrane Society of Japan in 2013-2015, and has been serving as Senior Program Officer of Research Center for Science Systems, JSPS (2017 - present), Council Member of Science Council of Japan (2018-present), and also an editorial board member in Journal of Membrane Science.