Warm greetings from Stem Cell Biology Laboratory (SCBL), Department of Molecular Medicine and Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory (CMBL)!  

The first-ever Stem Cell and Cancer Symposium (SCCS) 2018 will be held on October 17th and 18th, 2018 at the University of Malaya. The symposium is envisaged to be a promising platform for scientific communities from both academia and industry to gather for an insightful exchange of ideas pertaining to the field. Themed “Exploring New Horizons in Cancer and Stem Cell Research”, this symposium reflects the merging and interrogation of the science underlying cancer, ageing, stem cell & regenerative biology, whilst focusing on discussing current issues and development addressing both fundamental and translational questions in the field. There will be insights shared by keynote and invited speakers, oral and poster presentations, as well as the thought-provoking 'Junk the Jargon: StemCer in 180 seconds', forum and debate related to aging, cancer and metastasis. 

Putting emphasis on interdisciplinary research, this symposium also allows a crosstalk and communication between stem cells, aging and cancer, with stem cell biology being the common context between the latters. This would bring together people from the related disciplines, enabling networking and exchange of innovative ideas, all for the benefit of improving the outcome of translational research.

SCCS committee is pleased to invite authors to submit abstracts for oral, poster and 'Junk The Jargon: StemCer in 180 seconds' presentation by 23rd September 2018. SCCS is a very special meeting with exciting program lineups to ensure your attendance worthwhile!