Online Registration Guidelines

Every participant is required to make online registration through our web page. The steps for online registration are shown as follows:

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click User Registration to register your account.  

Step 3: Log in to your account. 

Step 4: After log in, go to Conference List and search Conference by Title: SOUTH CHINA SEA CONFERENCE 2019 and click Register. 

Step 5: Fill in the Registration Form and click Submit. 

Step 6: You are now registered! Click on the conference title to submit Abstract.

Step 7:   

Presenters: After receiving Abstract Acceptance Notification, make payment and send proof of payment to

Non-Presenters: Make payment after successfully registering for the Conference and send proof of payment to

Step 8: You will receive a confirmation of registration once we receive the email with proof of payment.