Marine Biodiversity Conservation and Management

The South China Sea is one the most productive large marine ecosystems in the world that has a high biodiversity richness with various ecosystems, such as coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds. Despite the importance of the South China Sea in providing food, economic and environmental security for the littoral countries and their people, the health of its marine environment and resources is in continuous decline due to the increasing anthropogenic pressures and the threats of climate change. Hence, concerted efforts are needed in areas like sustainable use of marine resources and the promotion of protection and conservation strategies to deal with such threats. In this session, poster and oral presentations will cover topics such as marine biodiversity and conservation, marine ecosystems, marine management, and marine spatial planning for sustainable coast.

Topics under this session:

  • Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

  • Marine Management

  • Marine Spatial Planning for sustainable coast

  • Marine Ecosystems