Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Growth of Blue Economy

The ocean covers more than 70% of the planet, where it contributes various natural resources for food, energy and biotechnological applications in addition to regulating the earth’s climate by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and providing oxygen. However with the phenomenon of global climate change, the ocean is affected by elevated temperature, higher CO2 level, ocean acidification, increased ultra-violet radiation and changing water column characteristics. Hence there is urgency in implementing the blue economy strategy. In this session, we would like to invite contributions with regards to science, technology and innovation in sustaining the growth of blue economy such as renewable energy; marine biotechnology innovation; impact of climate change, carbon sequestration and blue carbon; waste management and mariculture.

Topics under this session:

  • Marine aquaculture,biotechnology and product application

  • Green energy

  • Technology and innovation for sustainable ocean

  • Blue carbon challenges and opportunities