Sensing and Monitoring of the Ocean and Atmosphere

Continuous study of the atmosphere and ocean is important to understand the current condition of our physical world and how it behaves as a response to the variety of changes, anthropogenically or naturally. The study of atmosphere and ocean should not only focus on the effect of the natural event or natural disaster on human life and socio-economic, but also on broader area of biodiversity. Continuous monitoring of the ocean and atmosphere is also important to understand where we are going form now and potentially help related agencies in mitigation processes and policy making in response to the climate variability. This session covers topics related to physical process of the ocean and/or atmosphere, air-sea interaction, air-sea-land interaction, oceanic and atmospheric monitoring using satellite and/or other methods, ocean and atmosphere response to the changing climate, regional and local air pollution, remote sensing and GIS.

Topics under this session:

  • Oceanic processes

  • Atmospheric dynamics

  • Oceanic and atmospheric response to the changing climate