About UMDS2019


UMDS2019's theme, "Discourse, Society and Interaction", aims to bring about fresh new insights into the ways we can understand communicative data of everyday interaction, and it aims to offer solutions to language, linguistic and communicative problems. "Discourse, Society and Interaction" covers various areas of language research of meaningful data that comes from social and discourse engagements, such as in the home, at the workplace, in schools, and other social gatherings. Scholars in this conference will use novel and established frameworks of analyses to present enriching insightful analyses. Because UMDS2019 is a congregation of expert scholars who specialise in analysis of discourse, society, and interaction. One should also expect interesting engagements of debates and conversations into methodologies of research designs, analytical frameworks, and research findings.

UMDS2019 welcomes research abstracts that focus on the analysis of discourse, society, and interaction in areas, such as the following:

  • Visual communication and discourse
  • Language and society
  • Language and power
  • Digital media and discourse
  • Gendered discourse
  • Digital media and popular culture
  • Cultural diversity and interactions
  • Language and identity
  • Language, religion, and identity
  • Language varieties, multilingualism, and cross-cultural communication
  • Linguistic landscape and visual communication
  • Literacies and educational policies
  • Professional discourse and language for specific purposes

It is crucial to note that we screen abstracts in terms of their appropriate style, language precision (lack of grammatical issues), cohesion and comprehensibility. Abstracts should have the following:

  • Introduction
  • State the issues, problem statements, the 'whys' this research was carried out, research trajectories (aims/questions)
  • Methods
  • State the research design type, data types, data collection methods, and analytical framework
  • Findings or expectations
  • Keywords - State a maximum of five (5) words/phrases