Pre-Conference Workshops at the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, University of Malaya

31 July 2019
Lunch is served at 

Workshop on Membership Categorisation Analysis. Forms of Data and Forms of Analysis

Professor Dr. Richard Fitzgerald
University of Macau
Venue: Asmah Hj Omar Learning Space


This workshop introduces the basis of Membership Categorisation Analysis (MCA). MCA has rapidly established itself as an empirical research approach able to capture for analysis the lived detail of social identity. Based on the work of Harvey Sacks, the approach is now recognised as a powerful form of inquiry and has been now been taken up across the social sciences. At the heart of MCA are a few methodological principles and an analytic attitude towards the analysis of data. For Sacks the aim of the research is to examine members actual practices of social inquiry. This entails finding, observing, capturing and the analysis of members own categorisation analysis in action. That is, the interest is in the ways people engaged in routine membership categorisation analysis wherever and however. The principle interest is then, not so much in observing that people mention social categories, but rather in what they do with and through membership category work and in any form of data. In this workshop, I first return to the foundations of the approach in Sacks’ work to lay out the principles of the approach. Following this, I examine how MCA has developed and I examine the forms of analysis that have emerged since Sacks. The final part of the workshop will be dedicated to data analysis and organised as a data session to discuss data participants may bring to the workshop and be working on. 


Workshop on Multimodal Analysis of Online News 

Dr. John S. Knox
Macquarie University
Venue: Amra 


This workshop looks at a number of strategies in the design of news web sites and web pages, using two news websites as examples. Looking at complex questions of multimodality and web design in an understandable and accessible manner, participants will analyse current news sites and share their findings with the group. This workshop does not cover detailed linguistic analysis, nor technical aspects of HTML and computer design.


Workshop on Professional Dissertation Writing 

Dr. David Yoong
University of Malaya
Venue: Cube


Developing a research dissertation can be daunting, but it does not need to be painful. In this 3 hour workshop, research candidates will learn how to inculcate effective principles and structures in developing successful research dissertations. Participants of this workshop will develop skills in: i) developing a compelling introductory chapter, ii) reviewing literature like a professional scholar, iii) formulate a comprehensive 'methods and methodology' chapter, iv) provide insightful and engaging data analysis, and v) bring a proper closure to their research. This workshop is aimed at postgraduates (MAs/PhDs) who are working with primary data.