Abstract Submission

  • All presenting authors are obliged to register as participant through website umconference before 1st July 2019 (link for International participants will be announced later)
  • Abstract submission can be made via the umconference website and email:
  • Last abstract submission is by 14th of JULY 2019 (12.00pm)
  • Abstracts received via fax or received after the deadline will not be accepted and therefore will not be considered for the programme.
  • After the submission of the abstract, the abstract will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee, presentation will be divided into two categories either poster or oral presentation and presenters will be informed accordingly
  • All presenting authors will receive an acceptance notification via email within two (2) weeks after deadline of abstract submission
  • All presenting authors must ensure originality of work and must not been published or presented in any journal/international symposium

Important Dates

Date of registration 1st July 2019
Last date for abstract submission 14th July 2019
Abstract acceptance notification 15 – 28th of July 2019
Notification and guideline of presentation (oral/poster) Before 31st July 2019

Abstract preparation instructions:

In order to achieve a uniform style, participant is requested to conform to the following:

  • All presentations must be submitted and presented in English
  • There are two types of presentation: poster and oral presentation. Please select one of them and indicate your choice in the top corner of your abstract: Oral Presentation or Poster

About the author:

Title: Limit your title to 15 words or less (Arial, 12 points, bold, centered)

Authors: Starting after the title, list each author’s name in capital letters. The name should include the first and middle initials followed by surname. Underline the name of the presenting author. Name of supervisor is compulsory.

Institution: The name of the institution, eg:(Faculty of Dentistry, UM) must follow the last author’s name.

Content of the abstract

Authors are required to use clear typeface using Arial, 10 points, Justified. All text of abstract should be fitted within the box of the abstract form. The content of the abstract must also contain the following:

Objectives: The content of abstract must contain a brief statement of the objectives of the investigation.

Methods: The content of the abstract must also contain a brief description of the methods used.

Results: Essential results including data and, where appropriate, statistics should be clearly stated in the abstract content.

Conclusions: Should not be underlined. DO limit the number of words in the abstract to 300 words or less including the title. Longer abstracts will not be accepted.

Example of abstract:

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