Conference Language & Themes/Subtopics 

The 2nd WOCIHAC 2019 accepts tri-languages for the conference; Malay, English and Arabic. Abstracts can be sent and papers can be presented in these languages.


Themes and subtopics:

  • Discourse on Issues in Islamic History & Civilization
  • Islam and its Influence on Different Civilization  
  • Global and Local Impact on Islamic Culture 
  • Islamic Art and Architecture in Different Islamic Societies 
  • Islam and Gender Issues 
  • Islam and Multicultural in History 
  • Islam and Nationalism 
  • Muslim Minority 
  • History on Islam and Education
  • Human Development @ Development in Islam
  • Islamic Movement - Tajdid & Islah
  • Islamic Contemporary Medicine
  • Islamic Heritage and Islamic Manuscripts
  • History of Islam and the West

# please submit your abstract and full paper by using our online submission system. 

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